Kumbh 2019: Tribals from all over the globe discuss ‘green future’

Organised by Parmath Niketan, a four-day conclave will be held this year where tribal leaders from various countries will discuss ways of conserving the environment and water bodies.

Prayagraj: A concourse of various cultures and disciplines, the Kumbh mela never fails to surprise the world every year. Celebrated four times in a period of over 12 years, the Kumbh plays home to tribes, saints and citizens as they participate to wash all their sins and embark upon a spiritual path. 

This year, the Kumbh commenced on January 15 and is being held in Prayagraj. Organised by Partmath Niketan, this year a four-day convention will be organised so that spiritual and tribal leaders can deliberate on ideas facilitating the conservation of water bodies and the environment. 

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